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So you've just bought your first bike? 

It can be tricky making friends at first when you get the chance to buy your first motorcycle. Yet once you make one biker friend, you will quickly overrun by the family of what true biking is all about.
The Team
The team consists of Kyle - the idiot that started it all ; Jono - the idiot that talks on YouTube mostly ; Charl - the idiot that instigates bad decisions and few other awesome riders...
How are we funded?
We are not funded like other brands. There is no capital or massive money loans and investments that keep us going. Instead we pay everything ourselves.
The behind the scenes
The majority of everything that comes from South Africa Motorcyclist is the result of MotoDigiMark Pty Ltd fueling the back-end.
Our main focus?
To get more people riding motorcycles in Southern Africa. 
To get riders being safe and alive.
To provide details on the best bikers jols!

Wanna Support Us?

Our main source of income is MotoDigiMark Pty Ltd.

Help support us by checking out the MotoDigiMark website and online store, for great prices and service on all the products we review and suggest here on 
South Africa Motorcyclist.